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A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream set teaser

A Mid-Summer Night's Dream set teaser

dream comes to life…. thx Dad- artist Rick Thomas




People who had given a donation to Mosaic Rescue had their names pulled from a hat and the winner received this beautiful portrait of their Mosaic Dog by David. I think he is quite good at this pet portrait art.


I am happy to share some of the finished the ‘art for heart fundraiser’.

I love this idea for displaying art/photos etc.

The plaques are 9X9 with a 6X6 inc tile centred and in relief.


here is the handsome Paddy

This is a grouping of 4 individual art pieces for Lori at Your Pet Pals. You can see these ones hanging at her store ” Your Pet Pals” on Admirals.

Blossoming Sunday

I had the privilege of spending a truly magical day with a good friend in her 8th month of pregnancy, photographing her in all her Goddess, Mother Earth beauty.

What a special thing to have been able to be a part of.

Tile art

I am excited to be delivering 5 tiles from the Mosaic Rescue ‘Art For Heart’ fundraiser to Lori at Your Pet Pals today.

She has beautiful dogs and has a tile of each of them done up and mounted from her photography session benefiting Mosaic rescue.

This fundraiser is near and dear to my heart as we adopted Saffron, our beagle rescue through Mosaic last June and once seeing all the amazing things they do, I knew I wanted to help in some way.

Proceeds from these mini sessions go directly to help save the life of a dog. What a tremendous gift. A second chance at life and love.

Rainy day doings

Home sick with this nose thing on a gray rainy day, I will take this time to properly introduce our site.

Welcome  to our new endeavor: the journal and our website .

We began this site in order to bring more collaborative creative work to Victoria. Art does not happen in a vaccum. It needs many seeds, ideas, germinating to grow and blossom.

Please freely share your thoughts, ideas and inspiration here with us and perhaps our ‘Seachild Arts Collaborative’, will take on the life of its own we hope, and include you in its future.

Things to let you know about:

David’s upcoming drawing workshop ” The Art Underneath” is registering now. Please email for more details

Tumbleweeds Theatre and Mosaic Learning Society, the team who brought you the sold out performances of Peter Pan, are together again and bringing ” A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to the stage June 7th and 8th at the Metro. At this time, we are offering an opportunity for you who wish to support and sponsor us to purchase ad space in our program. Please email for details and pricing info.

We are enthusiastic to see what more is possible and wil keep all our news here in this journal.

Thanks for checking in, don’t be a stranger.

Kim and Daiv

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